Creativity doesn’t take sides

August 30, 2008

Hello readers who are blessed to read my post! This is my first and I’m not good at all at writing, so please leave a comment and don’t take it very serious. Because in my experience, when you are too serious, it’s harder to you to think creatively, hehehe.
Do you ever think that you are not a creative person? (If i am allowed to answer this question, i will say yes). There are so many meanings of the word “creative”, and i don’t know my self the right criteria to be creative. I just know 1 rules to be creative, that is no limits of thinking. In my opinion, all of us have our own side of creativity, but the problem is not all of us know how to explore it. Maybe some of us just have too many boundaries in the way of thinking, so what they see is just a limit when they face a problem. In fact, many people have many ways to think to a problem (if they don’t, there wouldn’t be debates), but usually the solution of the problem is just the way it should be. Thats why i said that creativity doesn’t take sides, what we are all need to do is just be the side of it and let those boundaries step aside. Or just let say “Think out of the box”.
Why do we need to be creative? I’m really sure that there are lot of answer for this question, but now I’m just going to mention some of those. In this world, we absolutely have no idea what will happen next, tomorrow, or whenever it is. For example, even you are in a real good good life, you have anything you want, you have anything you need, but I’m sure that there always be a time when you are in a deep sh*t or you are in a situation that you never imagine you will be at. Life is a circle, right? Like a movie told me, “the matter is not how hard you can be hit, the matter is how fast you can stand up after that hit”. I think when you are in this situation, creativity could help you not just stand up, but make that thing to be better. How? Because with creativity, you can do anything that you never imagine before.

Second, we need creativity to improve our life. What does that mean? It means that if you are creative, you could do something new in you life, not just an usual daily life. With creativity, you can find something new in your life and you can do something new with it. Not just to improve our life, but creativity also can improve other people life. If we are think creatively, we can do something to other people which is useful to them that they never imagine before.

Now, this is just something that i want to share with you all, in everyday life most of us are doing business right? There are many people who already succeed with their business, and there also many people who haven’t succeed yet. I have been told with someone who i can say he already succeed with his business that you have to think like you are not succeed yet to be success. In that way you can be more creative to find ways to be success. Here, let just said that there is a man who have $1, and there is another man who have $1000, which one do you think that will be more creative? I think you are all know the answer, and that is why even you are already succeed, try to think you haven’t there yet, because it will makes you to think more creative. By doing that way, you can explore more ideas to improve your business.

Creativity doesn’t take sides. Everyone can be creative, it just depends on how far we can put those boundaries away.


8 Responses to “Creativity doesn’t take sides”

  1. ninanaiguana Says:

    gw ga bisa nulis kaya gini, abisnya gw ga ngerti kreatif itu apaan, huhuhu, abc hebaat..

  2. ayamcobek Says:

    hahhaa.. ga lah nin.. like the category, this is just my opinion..hehe

  3. imaginever Says:

    “when you are too serious, it’s harder to you to think creatively”

    like joker said ” why so serious?”

    i agree, (alah laga2 nginggris gue)
    gw stuju ama kata2 lo yang ini lung,
    asal jangan terlalu santai juga, hehe.


  4. ayamcobek Says:

    iya seh, kdg2 malah terlalu santai, dan suka membenarkan diri dengan kesantaian itu.

  5. gilangshanahan Says:

    “Do you ever think that you are not a creative person? ”

    that’s just your mind playing.


  6. tuatuakeladi Says:

    “Creativity doesn’t take sides. Everyone can be creative, it just depends on how far we can put those boundaries away.”

    setuju brurr, kreatif itu ga ada batesan sama sekali. express yourself, brake the rules, think the unthinkable.. hahahahaha

  7. Ayunda Ariani Soemali Says:

    wow……. Nice anggara pradhana

  8. hohoho..
    pemikiran yang gokil lung…
    good good…

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