For you who feel it’s for you

August 31, 2008

Have you ever feel life is just nothing? Have you ever feel like you have no one else in this world? Have you ever feel like you are the only person who care about yourself? Have you ever feel life is just a phase that you will never understand what is the meaning of it? If you think that way, yes it is for you. Enjoy it!

I’m not a priest, a monk, an ulama, and I’m not your father. So, i think that i have no rights to give you lessons about this life. I just want to share something i have learned about this life and I just want to give my opinions about this life.

If you ever feel life is just nothing, have you ever think why are you exist in this world? God works in mysterious ways, and I’m sure that He has His own purpose to made us exist in this world. If you still think life is just nothing, i have got some questions for you. Why do we eat, drink and sh*t? Have you ever feel happy and sad? Have you ever been in a situation that you never imagine before? Have you ever feel in love? Have you ever feel warm, save, and comfort? Have you ever help someone else and he/she thank you for it? Have you ever been in a feeling called “proud”? Have you ever feel you are so meaningful and useful to someone else? Think about those questions, and for the last question, if your answer is no, I’m sure that it just you just never realize it.

If you ever feel like you have no one in this world and feel like you are the one who care about yourself, have you ever think that how do you still alive? If you don’t care about anyone else in this world, have you ever think that there must be so many persons who care about you and why don’t you care about them to? Have you ever think that maybe they who keep you alive?(of course with His permission). Even what you do is less important to you, maybe it is the most important for them. I think there is nothing wrong if you sometimes try to make them happy, and after that I think that you would be happier than them.

Have you ever think about your friends? Because if you think you are the only one who care about yourself, it maybe means that you also don’t care with your friends advises. If you think that your friends advises are not much helping, once my friend with initial “R” ever say “Friend’s advises are not as cheap as you think.

If you feel like life is just a phase that you will never understand what is the meaning of it, have you ever think to fill that phase? Maybe you are right, life is just a phase and in the end is just a 2*1m square waiting to be filled. But when that times come, you have to be prepared because it can happens anytime. What you need to prepare yourself is things that you do in this world. It is your choice whether you want to prepare your self with something good or bad, and He already gives you with a chance to be prepared. I have 1 example, if you ever pray to Him to give you money, do you think that He will give you money? I think not, i think he will give you a chance to earn money. I saw a movie and i have got that statement which i completely agree with. So, use those chances to fill your life.

Life is much more worth than we know, my friend!!


12 Responses to “For you who feel it’s for you”

  1. inda Says:

    interesting thought lung! haha. i’ll fill u in with my own ideas of life l8r. this is a very very fascinating thing to write

  2. ayamcobek Says:

    hahaha iya nda, thx for reading btw. Just let me know about your ideas, hehehe

  3. shadowsinthewall Says:


  4. shadowsinthewall Says:

    firstly lets not interfere with your perception right,i’m just gonna try to summarize your points..
    you’re saying that we should be grateful of life, we are social creatures and without others we’ll be better off dead.
    you’re saying God is an absolute part in life but our lifes is still our lifes.we ourselve decide what we do and who we are.all God do is only give us a chance.
    you’re saying that everything has its purpose.
    you’re saying that we need to prepare ourselve with good deeds because death can happen anytime.
    well,welldone! the thing i’m just wondering is will you yourself think like this when you’re the you who feel its for you? well,welldone again if it’s a yes my friend!

  5. ayamcobek Says:

    if we want to write something, the most important thing is we have to feel it first, right? hehe..

  6. ninanaiguana Says:

    emang ada saatnya kt mrasa alone2 ga jlas kaya gitu, tapiii cukup mudah kok mengatasinya dgn cara “oiaa gw kan punya teman2 yg tulus,lucu,dan baik” haha apa coba.. tp abis itu berkurang kok rasa alone2 kaga jlasnya.. ngerti kan lo ABC..

  7. well, life is truly not that complicated, but yet, not that simple

    sometimes we treat simple things with complicated way
    sometimes we treat complicated things with simple way
    sometimes we think we’re meant for nothing
    sometimes we think we’re meant for something

    it’s just a matter of point of view

  8. wah..
    keren lung..
    membuat orang sedikit berkaca pada dirinya..

  9. nisanisyo Says:

    actually ive been thinking of this very-short life that we have. i dont even know how to live my life with that very short time. we cant lie to ourselves that time goes by so fast. you know, really too fast for me……………. u dont know when will you die? u dont know when will u get married? u dont know who is your life time partner? u dont know what exactly will happen after u die? and so on and so on… life is hard with that very short time and those million mystery, isnt it? btw, i love the last sentence syungkring, soothe me! 😀

  10. Farah Fadilla Says:

    waah topiknya menarik. membuat kita berpikir kita ini hidup ga sendirian. mnrt gw, kita butuh orang2 bukan cm di saat kita sedih trus kita bs berkeluh kesah ke tmn2 kita (atau orang di sekitar kita), tp jg di saat kita seneng dan berbagi kebahagiaan itu sm mereka.

    yaa klo tmnan yg penting take and give aja.
    tp mesti seimbang.
    jgn cm minta atau cm ngasi terus.

    oh gw pernah baca quotes:
    “friendship is the ship that never sunk”

  11. berthawindrasti Says:

    gue jadi pengen solat
    eh tapi beneran

    yes hopefully that ur friends will be worth for it

  12. arindaa Says:

    dasar lo ber! hahaha

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