He/she – The Creative + ST

September 30, 2008

No one came up in my mind when I was thinking about this; according to myself I don’t see anyone  who really popped up. There are many people who I think that they are creative and have many brains that produce ideas in their head. But, since the title is with an “-ST” so I think that there has to be only one person. It means that I have to choose one person who is the best among the others about creativity, once I thought that I will never find that person because I already get dizzy before I found one of them. But then, someday I can’t sleep and that person just popped out in my mind. Who is he or she? I don’t know either it is he or she because I already browsed at many search engine and I found nothing about it. Now let say the most creative person as “he” because I don’t know for sure. You are free to tell me if you know so if I wrong, I can add an “S” to the subject or else.

One thing for sure, I really think that he is the creative-ST person in this world, I really am. Have you ever play playing cards? Yes, I think the most creative person in this world is the one who create playing cards. Why? This is a stupid question because I pretty sure that all of you are already know the answer, but I will explore my answers here. What make playing cards so interesting? What so special about playing cards? Is there anything else which is more creative than playing cards? I will answer it with another question. Have you ever imagine how he created cards that have similar image in both sides to be played in different ways? For me, it is a very amazing thing. This world would be so quiet if there is no playing cards. Because it means that there also no card gambling, no card playing at the boring time, no magic or trick cards, and nothing to do when you were with your friends. That’s why playing cards is the one.

I’m still wondering how many country that play this kind of cards, and how many ways that they are playing it. From just same cards, same look, same shape, we can play different thing at the different place and it is just so amazing. I bet each different place play with each different way of those cards. For example is in Indonesia there are so many rules to play cards. We can play “capsa”, “tepok nyamuk”, “boong”, “babi”, “4-1”, “remi”, “cepe”, “poker”, and i believe there are still many ways of playing it. Begin to realize how creative is it?

Once i know that there is a level of creativity and the highest level is when the person can make everyone to be also creative. I think this has to be included in that criteria, because I’m really sure that at the first time he invented these cards, the way of playing it is not as much as now. What does it means? It means that many people created new ways of playing and playing cards is never be old even we are getting older. During time, people create new ways and rules of playing those cards and other people follow those rules. It means that just from the same deck of cards we can put our creativity to create something new. The other example is a magician, almost all of magicians in the world use playing cards as part of their entertaining tools. I think they are also creating and inventing new tricks to be shown.

How many ways of playing? Many

How many source of playing? One

Creative enough to be Creative – ST?


8 Responses to “He/she – The Creative + ST”

  1. Gaple lo lupain lung?

    ck ck ck

  2. ninanaiguana Says:

    q jg lo lupain?? haha..

  3. gile lung..
    lo emang god of gambler banget dah…

  4. nisanisyo Says:

    poker kacang is my favourite hehe

  5. Farah Fadilla Says:

    stuju banget!
    playing cards tu emg saviour bgt klo udh ada masalah ‘need-timekiller-thing’, hehehehe

    eh adek gw koleksi playing cards lho, ngga.
    banyak bgt segala macem jenis dan bentuk dan gambar.
    dan dr setiap negara plus dr segala jenis toko.
    unik2, tp tetep aja bgitu fungsinya. hehe

  6. kennymoron Says:

    totally agree with you lung! siapapun yg bikin ginian gue makasi bgt deh. the invention of this stuff really does make my life better (exaggerating). however, just like everything else in this world, cards also have it’s dark side.

    simple illustration:

    maen kartu = senang”

    maen kartu + menang = senang + bangga

    maen kartu + kalah = kesel + penasaran

    maen kartu + duit = deg”an + lebih senang”

    maen kartu + duit + menang = kaya + bangga + bikin sebel orang

    maen kartu + duit + kalah = bangkrut + kesel + makin penasaran

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