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October 17, 2008

It took long times before i chose them. It took long times before i realized. It took long times before i found what i want, and it was an accident because there are so many companies in this world that can be called creative companies. After i chose this company, im satisfied with it. After i chose this company, im happy with my decision. After i chose this company, im getting more curious about it. After i chose this company, my stomach and my mind are not stopping to dazzled, because this is it (even i don’t know that much about music)

One word, MTV! Yes, this is the most creative company according to me. Subjective? Of course. Who the he** person in this world who doesn’t know MTV??!!! I think this company really inspire lot of people including me about anything to do with music, videos, and many things more. Why i chose MTV??????

MTV is the first channel which shows music video on earth. It was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles. Before that, music videos are based on the live performances instead of creations. They are really original and for me they are entrepreneurs in their style. MTV launched in August 1, 1981. The original purpose of the channel was to play music videos guided by on air hosts known as Vjs. MTV plays music videos 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This company also have many other abilities to serve music in their style and their imaginations.

MTV also the first channel which play the reality show, the other are just follower. Now we can see there are lot of reality shows in every channel, but still MTV is the pioneer. For examples are: Singled out, The Osbournes, MTV Punked, The Real World, Jackass, Pimp my ride, Newlyweds, Laguna Beach, The Real Orange County, etc. I think those shows are shows that inspire many people to make their own reality shows even i have watched the one which is very similar with one of those shows. Guess which one.Hehe.

I have said that i don’t know that much about music, haven’t i? But i often watch MTV because it gives me lot information about the development of music and it really entertain me a lot. MTV has many programs in their schedule and it is one of my important channel in my house. Every time i look at MTV, there must be new videos or shows that i haven’t see yet and it prevent me to be bored. MTV also provide animation shows to make viewers stay on.

Despite all of those good things, MTV also had been in their critical period. Critics, bad comments, and controversy are things that sometimes make us down. It also happened in MTV, for examples like the matter of the skin color in MTV, Super Bowl controversy, and the matter of censored programs. All of those things ever been on MTV’s part. But they keep their spirit to provide as best as they can to satisfy viewers and create as creative as they can to apply their imaginations. Besides music, there is also social activities happened in MTV such as Choose or Lose, True Life and many more to encourage people about this life. Because of that, i can say this company is outrageous!

Based on their programs, i bet there are many person who inspired to be something for someone or at least to do something in their life. It’s called encouraging people, and for me it’s really difficult thing to do. Moreover now MTV broadcasting is in many countries such as MTV UK, MTV Brazil, MTV Pakistan, MTV Asia, MTV Poland, MTV Arabia, and many more.

So, what are you waitting for? I want my MTV!!


4 Responses to “Skip the Title”

  1. nisanisyo Says:

    MTV? gw banget haha

  2. rafdyhifdhurrahman Says:

    Skip the title tuh bwt apa ya?

  3. gua harus setuju dengan penobatan lo atas mtv, karena sejak mendunia ia merubah banyak hal termasuk menyumbang aspek2 baru dalam bentuk film. tapi di satu sisi pengaruh media yg besar dan pada saat bersamaan westernisasi di segala bidang, itu cuma permainan politik. toh ahirnya yg terjadi adalah penyeragaman, dekulturasi di indonesia, muncul “generasi mtv” yang tumpang tindih antara budaya2 yg kontradiktif. jadi bad influence jg mereka, hehehe.

    eh ayam cobek, this blog is meant to be anonym tau, dilarang memanggil2 nama di seluruh bagian manapun. hehehe gua link ya lo? tapi aku jg mau 😛

  4. kerren lung..
    MTV emang oke lung..
    apal lagi channel khusus MTV 2 nya tuh..
    oke bet…

    ama lo juga nis..

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