Yes, he is

October 26, 2008


  • often get pissed because of me
  • really makes me scared with his anger
  • really frightening me with his fury
  • doesn’t care when i tell him my reasons
  • often sick of my attitude

Because I…

  • really often let him down
  • am careless of what he said
  • often break his rules
  • often forget what i supposed to do
  • am just paying attention of what i want, not his
  • judged him negatively
  • often runaway from my problems and he knew
  • do what he told me not to
  • am not sensitive with his problem

But he…

  • is the one who told me about right and wrong
  • never get bored to tell me what to do and not to do
  • is the reason of everything i do (believe it or not)
  • is the one who i believed the most (not to mention Him of course)
  • really inspires me with his thoughts
  • is always my place to rely on
  • is my raincoat when it’s rain
  • always able to makes me feel save
  • always protect me with his own way
  • is my dictionary of living this life
  • always be my reason to get up when i’m down
  • always be there
  • is my advisor of everything
  • is my direction when i’m lost

Im very proud of him, there is nothing i can do to repay what he has done, and maybe i not a good son but i will not stop to try to be the best for him. He is always be my role model

Yes, he is my father.


2 Responses to “Yes, he is”

  1. exactly lung

    but i think mother should also be mentioned beside father

  2. Bayu Says:

    I’m glad that my best friend wrote about this subject. THis is remind me of my childhood. I hope my circulation will come back soon to the old times…

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