Yes, She is

October 27, 2008

She often sad because of me, but she often hide her anger.

and I..

  • often not listening what she said
  • often don’t answer her says even just for a minute just because of my other things and i know there is no other things that more important.
  • often don’t care of what she said and later i often sorry for it
  • often think about things i can complain to, not i can thank to
  • often do things without asking her permission even i know it’s the most important thing to do before i do something
  • often hurt her feeling with my stupid thoughts
  • rarely thank God even i know how lucky i am to be her son
  • often make her my second or third priority even i know that she always has to be my number 1

But she…

  • is the one who bear the life risk for my birth
  • always take full care of me when I’m sick, sad, and down
  • always give me a full class of learning than just a 6 or 9 hours class
  • is always be my informal teacher (according to her IQ which is 148), and i really impressed with it
  • is always be my dictionary of culture, habit, and manners.
  • is my pillow of living
  • is always be a heart when logical thinking is too full to be filled
  • is always be a light when it turns night

and like my friend MR. “R” said, she has heaven in her foot.

“I am sorry if i have not be a good son for you yet and i know what my did is just a dust compare to you, but one thing i know, i will always try to be an oases rather than just a dust in a desert”

Yes, she is my mom.


6 Responses to “Yes, She is”

  1. danuria paramastri Says:

    omigod alungss.. jd homesick gw bacanya. mo pulaaang. hehe

  2. indomiejunkie Says:

    tambahin satu lung. she has heaven in her foot. hehe

  3. yoshee Says:

    bagus lhooo..

    gw juga jadi homesick..
    tapi gw ribet pulangnya..

    *lho? malah curhat*

  4. raisa Says:

    so touchy lungs. gak nyangka lo bisa nulis kaya gini. hehehe..

  5. syahdani Says:

    setuju bgt gw.. hehe

  6. Bayu Says:

    kalo nyokap gw setuju

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