I Live for This Sh*t

December 15, 2008

# Each blogger must post these rules.
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1. I dont like cockroaches.

The “best” position of a cockroach is when it turn it’s body and when i can see it’s feet and stomach. 

2. I dont like festivity.

Crowded places really make me dizzy and uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why i also dont like nightclubs. 

3. I really like to sleep.

I consider sleeping is one of my hobbies. I really enjoy sleeping even i know sleep too much is like wasting times.

4. Snake is my favorite animal.

It has a beautiful body and i just like it. I want to have it as my pet but havent realized yet. It can moves smoothly because it has no feet. 

5. I like the gasoline’s smell.

When i was at gas station, usually i get out of my car just to smell the gasoline. But in Indonesia, i only like the premium’s smell. Because i think pertamax’s smell is too strong for my nose. 

6. Giving apologize is very hard for me.

When suddenly i dislike someone because something, it’s really hard for me to become “normal” to them. For me it feels like get up in the morning when it’s cold and already covered by a blanket. 

7. I use to have bad feelings to anyone.

When i met someone new, i always have bad feeling to them. When i was thinking about someone, there was always bad thoughts inside it. 

8. Never give up.

Thats what my father always told me. And he always proves it to me. Now, when i want something, i always give all of my effort for it. And before i have what i want, i will not stop.

9.  I love driving.

Something about driving and engines make me calm.

10. I’m afraid of darkness. 

I said that u like to sleep, but every time i sleep, i never turn the light off. Darkness makes my heart to beat faster than it should.  Darkness makes me feel like there is something or someone that i can’t see was there. 




3 Responses to “I Live for This Sh*t”

  1. nisanisyo Says:

    ada satu lung, yg lo lupa: lo ga bisa pedes hehe

  2. shadowsinthewall Says:

    suka bau bensin apa asep knalpot lung? hahah

  3. ninanaiguana Says:

    nomer 9 nya tuh, CALM?? dari maneeeee????

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