Just looking, staring, and fooling around?

August 2, 2009

Do you ever feel powerless of what happen around you? Do you ever feel like everyone left you behind and can not do anything about it? Haha, it’s ironic actually, because i am pretty sure that everything is happened for a reason. But its not the ironic part, the ironic part is before the feeling came, there was a chance not to get that feeling, (if you know what i am talking about).

Its just my personal opinion which is based on experience actually, but i just would like to share it here, hehe. When everyone else are able to do what they should to at that time and we are not, it’s sucks, really sucks. When we are not doing anything while everyone is doing something, maybe we are wondering what is it and why are they doing it? But, the problem is, when the thing is a task which everyone should do, but to someone, the result will not be felt as soon as the other’s. So, meanwhile they are doing something, can we do the same thing? Or we are just looking, staring, and fooling around?

It’s started when i failed a class because of my negligence, i was down and didnt know what to do. But it’s just one day, after that day, i realized there are so may things else that i can do bestly despite of that. I told my father, and as usual, he replied my words with greater ones. Some of his words which i can remember is saying “For me, failure is not a taboo but fail after a maximum fight will be more honored than fail by negligence” and “Please always remember that people normally ‘slip’ due to a small pebble stone instead of a big rock. People normally have pain at the eyes ( ‘kelilipan’ ) because of a tiny dust instead of a big stone”.

Those words are really meaningful for me, and its really able to boost my performance. We can do the same thing and even anything as we want to. Moreover, we have more time to do anything which can make ourself useful. So, are we just looking, staring, and fooling around?


One Response to “Just looking, staring, and fooling around?”

  1. Dian Says:

    It makes me chuckled. Try to find how to survive life, eh boy?

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