Shining Light

July 6, 2010

This light doesnt always shine, this light isnt always there, this light doesnt always glow, but I always see this light as bright as the first time it shines. This light has its own thoughts, this light has its own words, and this light has its own sky. The thoughts will never be the same as mine, the words will be only meant against mine, and the sky will never be there, as mine.

There’s no way this light will be the same as the other even in the smallest way of perception. This light glows when it wants to, not when someone ask it to, the brightness appears with undeliberateness, just came out with no purpose to make anyone know its there and dazzled, it wont try to be bright, it just tries to be a light.

No one knows that it is a light, everyone just look at it as a bulb, waiting to be turned. No one can turn it, because its already a shining light.


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