I Live for This Sh*t

December 15, 2008

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1. I dont like cockroaches.

The “best” position of a cockroach is when it turn it’s body and when i can see it’s feet and stomach. 

2. I dont like festivity.

Crowded places really make me dizzy and uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why i also dont like nightclubs. 

3. I really like to sleep.

I consider sleeping is one of my hobbies. I really enjoy sleeping even i know sleep too much is like wasting times.

4. Snake is my favorite animal.

It has a beautiful body and i just like it. I want to have it as my pet but havent realized yet. It can moves smoothly because it has no feet. 

5. I like the gasoline’s smell.

When i was at gas station, usually i get out of my car just to smell the gasoline. But in Indonesia, i only like the premium’s smell. Because i think pertamax’s smell is too strong for my nose. 

6. Giving apologize is very hard for me.

When suddenly i dislike someone because something, it’s really hard for me to become “normal” to them. For me it feels like get up in the morning when it’s cold and already covered by a blanket. 

7. I use to have bad feelings to anyone.

When i met someone new, i always have bad feeling to them. When i was thinking about someone, there was always bad thoughts inside it. 

8. Never give up.

Thats what my father always told me. And he always proves it to me. Now, when i want something, i always give all of my effort for it. And before i have what i want, i will not stop.

9.  I love driving.

Something about driving and engines make me calm.

10. I’m afraid of darkness. 

I said that u like to sleep, but every time i sleep, i never turn the light off. Darkness makes my heart to beat faster than it should.  Darkness makes me feel like there is something or someone that i can’t see was there. 




P – A – R – A – D – O -X – ?

December 13, 2008

Here is my opinion..

Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest.

Of course they have a lot of physical energy because they are creative people and usually creative people use their entire body to be the subject of their creativity or even the object of it. If they are also quiet, it means they want to tell everyone that quietness doesn’t mean they don’t have anything in their minds to be done.

Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time.

They don’t have anything to fear of to be tried.

Creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility.

It is not just for the creative people, I think it depends on the people that u think qualified in the criteria of creativity is. I think there are no criteria of creativity, so I think that there is also no reason to say it just for the creative people.

Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy, and a rooted sense of reality.

Everyone has imagination, but only people with creativity who try to make it become reality with their sense of fantasy.

Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted.

Sometimes creative people want to fulfill their social needs even sometimes their social needs become their road block of their imagination or fantasy. That’s why they tend to be both extroverted and introverted.

Creative people are humble and proud at the same time.

Creative people are proud because they invent something that anyone else never thinks before, and creative people are humble after they invented something that anyone else never thinks before. That’s what keeps them to produce something new in their life.

Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotyping

Fair enough.

Creative people are both rebellious and conservative.

Creative people are conservatives in their way of making something that anyone think it’s impossible, and their way of making it is what makes them to be called rebellious.

Most creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well

Yes, they are very passionate because there are always new challenges for them in their work, because creative people tend to think out of the box. Without objectivity their work will just become at their box, not out of their box.

Creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffering and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment.

No pain, no gain.


So, in the end I think that creative people just want to be different and same at the same time. Because however, they still live at the same world as ours. I think those paradox are just a picture that told us of how the creative people want to live usually like common people with their difference way of thinking, how they want to combine the uncommon things and how they want to prove the impossible become possible.

Apakah “A” selalu yang terbaik?

November 1, 2008

Saya mendapatkan inspirasi untuk menulis blog ini setelah kemarin saya mengobrol dengan salah satu teman 1 kosan saya. Kami sedang bersenda gurau dan menceritakan pengalaman kami dengan ayah kami. Sebelum itu kami menonton film yang berjudul “Rec”, anda harus menontonnya jika anda mau saat2 anda yang santai menjadi sangat tegang. Sudah sudah, itu hanya sedikit intermezzo, tapi film itu memang benar benar membuat jantung berdegup dengan cepat seperti ketika anda sedang lari sprint karena dikejar oleh badak. Kami terus bersenda gurau sampai suatu saat dia bercerita tentang sesuatu yang membuat saya sedikit berpikir keras dan menyimpulkan sesuatu. 

Teman saya yang satu ini sangat bersemangat jika dia menceritakan sebuah cerita, dan itu yang membuat cerita ini semakin menarik. Sebenarnya cerita ini berasal dari ayah teman saya ini, kita bisa menyebutnya Mr”I”. Anda yang sedang menjalani pendidikan di SBM ITB dari tahun 2006 pasti tau siapa dia karena selain anaknya, ayahnya pun sangat terkenal di kalangan SBM ITB 2009. Mulailah teman saya ini bercerita, dia berkata kepada saya bahwa beberapa waktu lalu ayahnya (Mr.I) bertemu dengan salah satu dosen ITB yang pernah mengajar dia dulu. Mereka bertemu di Soekarno Hatta, bagi anda yang tidak tau, itu adalah bandara Internasional negara Indonesia. Ketika itu, sang dosen sedang bersama para asistennya yang berupa dosen juga tapi tentunya tidak memiliki otak seencer dosen utama itu. Oh ya, bagi anda yang belum mengetahui siapa Mr.I, dia adalah alumni ITB angkatan ’76 jurusan teknik kimia. Jadi anda bisa mencari datanya jika anda masih penasaran, atau yang paling gampang ya anda tinggal bertanya kepada saya.

Ketika mereka bertemu, Mr.I berkata kepada dosen itu “ah saya malu saya bertemu bapak, soalnya waktu dulu mata kuliah bapak saya selalu mendapatkan nilai C”. Lalu dosen itu pun menjawab “wah, nilai C itu sudah bagus jika anda kuliah di ITB, karena itu sudah setingkat menteri” (dia menyebutkan satu menteri yang adalah alumni ITB dan selalu mendapatkan C). Dosen itu pun melanjutkan kalimat kalimatnya yang berubah menjadi ceramah singkat “jika kamu mendapatkan nilai D, itu lebih bagus lagi karena yang mendapatkan nilai D itu biasanya menjadi pengusaha dan menteri” (dia menyebutkan salah satu nama pengusaha sekaligus menteri yang sukses dan dia selalu mendapatkan nilai D pada saat belajar di ITB). Selanjutnya dia berkata “dan bila kamu mendapatkan nilai A dan B di ITB, maka kamu hanya akan menjadi para dosen dan pembantunya seraya menunjuk 3 asisten yang berdiri di sebelahnya”.

Cerita itu benar – benar membuat saya berpikir. “Apakah “A” selalu yang terbaik?”. Setelah saya memikirkan hal itu, saya menyimpulkan bahwa nilai A tidak selalu yang terbaik. Lalu apakah saya setuju kalau nilai C dan D itu adalah yang terbaik?Tidak. Yang saya simpulkan dari cerita teman saya itu adalah bukan nilainya yang menjadi permasalahannya tapi mengapa kita bisa mendapatkan nilai itu. Seperti contohnya ketika seseorang mendapatkan nilai C, mungkin dia memang tidak belajar dala pelajaran itu, tapi dia melakukan sesuatu yang lain seperti menjalin koneksi untuk bisnisnya, membantu ayah atau ibunya dalam pekerjaannya, mencari modal untuk bisnisnya, melakukan kegiatan sosial, dll. 

So, i think the matter is not the “A” or the “C”, but it’s what behind that “A” or “C”. 

Yes, She is

October 27, 2008

She often sad because of me, but she often hide her anger.

and I..

  • often not listening what she said
  • often don’t answer her says even just for a minute just because of my other things and i know there is no other things that more important.
  • often don’t care of what she said and later i often sorry for it
  • often think about things i can complain to, not i can thank to
  • often do things without asking her permission even i know it’s the most important thing to do before i do something
  • often hurt her feeling with my stupid thoughts
  • rarely thank God even i know how lucky i am to be her son
  • often make her my second or third priority even i know that she always has to be my number 1

But she…

  • is the one who bear the life risk for my birth
  • always take full care of me when I’m sick, sad, and down
  • always give me a full class of learning than just a 6 or 9 hours class
  • is always be my informal teacher (according to her IQ which is 148), and i really impressed with it
  • is always be my dictionary of culture, habit, and manners.
  • is my pillow of living
  • is always be a heart when logical thinking is too full to be filled
  • is always be a light when it turns night

and like my friend MR. “R” said, she has heaven in her foot.

“I am sorry if i have not be a good son for you yet and i know what my did is just a dust compare to you, but one thing i know, i will always try to be an oases rather than just a dust in a desert”

Yes, she is my mom.

Yes, he is

October 26, 2008


  • often get pissed because of me
  • really makes me scared with his anger
  • really frightening me with his fury
  • doesn’t care when i tell him my reasons
  • often sick of my attitude

Because I…

  • really often let him down
  • am careless of what he said
  • often break his rules
  • often forget what i supposed to do
  • am just paying attention of what i want, not his
  • judged him negatively
  • often runaway from my problems and he knew
  • do what he told me not to
  • am not sensitive with his problem

But he…

  • is the one who told me about right and wrong
  • never get bored to tell me what to do and not to do
  • is the reason of everything i do (believe it or not)
  • is the one who i believed the most (not to mention Him of course)
  • really inspires me with his thoughts
  • is always my place to rely on
  • is my raincoat when it’s rain
  • always able to makes me feel save
  • always protect me with his own way
  • is my dictionary of living this life
  • always be my reason to get up when i’m down
  • always be there
  • is my advisor of everything
  • is my direction when i’m lost

Im very proud of him, there is nothing i can do to repay what he has done, and maybe i not a good son but i will not stop to try to be the best for him. He is always be my role model

Yes, he is my father.